1 post-doc positions at PSI (Switzerland) on high-throughput materials discovery#

One new post-doc opportunity is open in the Materials Software and Data Group led by Dr. Giovanni Pizzi, part of the Laboratory for Materials Simulations, at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland.

The successful candidate will be in charge of setting up and maintaining large scale materials discovery projects based on the fully automated and robust computational infrastructure AiiDA. Tasks will involve the management and coordination of scientific research projects (setting up the projects, writing the workflows, running the simulations, writing scientific papers), maintaining and documenting existing computational pipelines for generating the databases published on Materials Cloud (e.g., MC3D and MC2D), supporting the research community by maintaining and developing relevant plugins (e.g. AiiDA-Quantum ESPRESSO), and supporting the development of GUIs to new simulations via AiiDAlab.

This positions is funded by the NCCR MARVEL, offering close collaboration with project partners such as the Swiss Supercomputer Center CSCS, EPFL, and Empa, among others. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to network with current and former members of the well-established MARVEL community, with colleagues in the group and in the laboratory funded by other projects with strong synergies with MARVEL, and to engage in collaborative projects across Switzerland and Europe, expanding your network of international collaborations.

We are seeking candidates with a PhD degree in the physical sciences (e.g., physics, chemistry, or materials science/engineering), strong organization skills, and a passion for writing open-source tools that can be used by a broad audience of researchers. Essential qualifications include experience in running simulations on HPC and proficient software development and programming skills in Python. Desirable skills include experience in managing software projects in a team, handling large amounts of data, and developing complex automated computational tools for running simulations at scale.

More details and information, requirements for the positions, and instructions on how to apply can be found at https://www.psi.ch/en/pa/job-opportunities/60368-postdoctoral-fellow

The application deadline is on December 10th, 2023.

If you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity, please feel free to forward this announcement to them.