Open position in the AiiDA team in collaboration with ChemAlive#

Integration of AiiDA’s Automation Tools and ChemAlive’s Cloud Quantum Chemistry Platform#

An open position for a software engineer/data scientist is available at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) in the group of Prof. Nicola Marzari and in synergy with the MARVEL NCCR ( The position is funded through a partnership with ChemAlive (, a company hosted at EPFL Innovation Park, and the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation, through a project grant.

The primary goal of the current 1.5-year project is to integrate the AiiDA platform into the ChemAlive interface. This will entail coding plugins for common open-source quantum chemistry packages (NWchem, CP2K) and re-coding and further development of workflows developed by ChemAlive into the workflow engine of AiiDA to accomplish complex automation routines using a Python scripting environment.

For additional details on this opening (including requirements and how to apply), see